I can't find these answers via on-line help..

  • 30 April 2017
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Hi, I am a songwriter / musician looking for a suitable internet platform to show-case my material, and after reviewing a Utube video (titled "How to use SoundCloud in 4 minutes") it looked like Soundcloud would be perfect but after having made a new account the opening page is set out with " Playlist, Likes, Following..." rather like a Spotify or something....not what the uTube clip indicated at all.... it has the look and feel of a streaming music browser rather than for someone like me who wants a 'shop window' for my material, plus allow commentary on the material, and get some feedback from listeners.

I don't see how SC does that, although the UtUbe video does seem to illustrate a completely different Soundcloud format that I would be interested in. I’m struggling to resolve this from the on-line help, and SC's 'contact' rather unhelpfully bounced back my query...

Someone knows the answer tho this and I will be very grateful for your advice.

1 reply

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Hi Alex,

Chances are the Youtube video you watched is showing an older version of SoundCloud. In order to get started, I'd suggest you review this section on our Help Center.

Also, maybe take a look at our Pro & Pro Unlimited feature overview so you can get an idea of the features in general. Uploading, commenting, liking, following, creating playlists etc. etc. are all possible with a free account as well though, all of which will help you showcase your tracks and get involved with your listeners 🙂