I can't send message! i sent 30 mess to famous djs

  • 25 March 2015
  • 2 replies

I can't send message! i sent 30 mess to famous djs just for promo, no spamming, no bot! nothing! Why?

2 replies

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Hi No-Sync,

Thanks for visiting the help forums :)

To partly answer your question by asking you a question back....was each message you sent completely individual or did you have a standard message text that you sent to each DJ?

Where I think the problem lies here is that, whilst I totaly understand from your point of view, you are a human contacting other humans, if you send a quantity of messages that are identical or very similar, the anti-spamming systems will still pick up on that & class it as spam - which, from a very dispassionate point of view, it is.

Because of the problems Soundcloud (& other websites will have similar issues) has had with fake accounts set up to then message all and sundry about everything from weight loss to apparently over sexed women trying to catch your attention in your message in box...the anti-spam measures that they have in place are very stringent...any indication of messages being sent that appear to be completely or mostly identical are flagged very quickly.

Again, I completely understand your messaging activity was not meant to be nefarious in anyway & its these (use offensive description of your choice) idiots who create these fake account & annoy everyone that we have to thank for these kind of message protection systems having to be put in place. The best advice I can give is when sending messages, make them as individual as possible & avoid "copy & paste" messaging like the plague.

Te messaging block you have in place will be lifted (although I'm unsure how long it stays in place, I've not had a message block personally, if GIna or Mathis, the main Soundcloud forum guys, come past this post they should able shed some light on that side)

I hope that clarifies things but any further queries or questions please don't hesitate to get back in touch.



p.s I checked out your profile, I absolutely love your "People Hold On" remix, real fat analogue style bassline, fits the vocals & intended style of the track perfectly....quality work 🙂
Yes... i think it s so.

Anyway, in this case it s so difficult to promote my music... and soundcloud seems that doesn t want to hel producers like us. (and i pay for this)

Thanks for your feedbacks about the rmx, it s important for us!
And yes... the bassline came from Moog Sub 37:)

Thanks, Cheers.