I can't upgrading to Pro Unlimited.

  • 20 April 2015
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I can't upgrading to Pro Unlimited.

Error Text:

6 replies

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Hi there,

Sorry that you are having trouble upgrading. Can you please write into our transactions support here. They will be able to look into your account for you.

I am having exactly this same problem. Please help !!
Is there a fix to this problem !? I wrote into Soundcloud's transactions support 2 days ago but i still didn't get any reply!
I have written to soundcloud's transaction support multiple times ( > 4) in the past two weeks and have received no reply at all. I have tried multiple credit cards, paypal, different browsers, different computers, even different locations, upgraded my flash, disabled my popup blockers, etc, and have followed every piece of advise on their help system. I am very frustrated to say the least.
I always get the same response message from the soundcloud server:

"We encountered a problem. No funds were transferred. Please try again."
My email is
I have the same problem. Any solution?
i'm having the same problem now. Where's the solution? Soundcloud is getting worst.