• 14 March 2015
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i have tracks i want to delete from my account. i wave the curser over the track i wish to delete but the trash can icon doesnt appear. how do i delete tracks of my account.

2 replies

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Hi there,

Thanks for posting on the help forum. I've looked into this for you and it looks like you haven't uploaded any tracks for yourself. Please note that you can only delete tracks from your own account, i.e. ones that you have uploaded yourself.

Thus, if you're seeing music on your Stream that you don't want any longer, I'd recommend to stop following the user who has uploaded them. That way, the tracks will disappear from your Stream. If you have particular tracks that you want to find again at a later stage, I'd say either "like" these tracks, or add them to a playlist.

Hope this helps! :-)

I have deleted tracks from my file but they do not show up as deleted. What should I do?