I need to unsubscribe soundcould

  • 1 January 2015
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I keep getting emails...I don't want emails from soundcloud help anymore

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Take a look here to change your email settings.

Jeezz.. this support site keeps spamming me!
SoundCloud, please make note of this ridiculous unsubscribe scenario that it put me through:

It auto-follows this issue, then emails me whenever someone replies here with "me too!". Not of interest to me since i have a work-around. So i would like to unfollow: there is a link in the mail, thats good. But then it gets weird. It first requires me to login with SoundCloud, then next thing is that it requires me to (agree to) linking this to a new account at or something. I want to unsubscribe.. registering a new account is the last thing i'd like to do right now! But ok, i proceed and then when i'm in their settings screen i click "unfollow" for this thread, and nothing happens. OK, time to give up.. i'll likely just have to live with their emails whenever this topic sees activity. Before leaving, i uncheck the checkboxes that do the auto-following is disabled, that should save me some trouble in the future. Time to say bye and leave: but then when i want to remove the account it refuses, saying my password is incorrect. This is f-ing frustrating. I found that i could set a password, which it then accepted.

I am hoping i'm never going to have to face this again. I'll never give SoundCloud feedback this way ever again, thats for sure.