I want to love the Windows 10 app, but I just can't without at least a repeat function.

  • 8 October 2018
  • 2 replies

I was so happy to see that Soundcloud finally made a desktop app. The UI is great, and the app seems to run well. But among other missing features and small UI problems which I intend to address in another post, the one thing keeping me from liking it is the absolute lack of a repeat or loop function. I am an author; a writer who uses music to help my thoughts flow freely. Commonly I will listen to one song over and over again because that song gave me an idea, a concept, or even just a feeling. I've been having to use the website to get this, because it is the only way to access Soundcloud on the PC with a looping feature. I hate the website; the white backdrop sucks really anytime, it's not nearly as clean as the desktop Windows 10 app, and overall I'm just not at all a fan. Soundcloud has made a phenomenal looking app, which I still have high hopes for. It COULD be something absolutely amazing. But I can't even use it right now because of the lack of a repeat function. all of your other UI's have this, and for crying out loud even Youtube has one now! I know the app is still in beta, but what is taking so long? Please, address this problem! The app is almost great, and despite some other small issues it's absolutely amazing. But the lack of this one function just ruins it for me, and for many others too. I read the reviews on the store, and on the forums, and they want a repeat function too. Please, please add one!

2 replies

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Totally agreed!!!!