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  • 19 January 2015
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I want to change the image on my track and i have done so however when i upload my tarck onto a page the old image shows The reason in which i want to change the image is that it is inappropriate and doesn't look good when I'm trying to promote myself. I realise that i chose the image initially, fool me lol. Thanks guys!

5 replies

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This may just be a caching issue. Can you try refreshing your page or restarting your browser to see if that helps the image update? Also, give the drag and drop image feature a shot. If this doesn't work then please try changing the image again, remember to hit save, and then again refresh your browser, cache, and cookies.

Hope that helps!

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When i change a image on a exciting track. It won't change! It hangs on saving setting... Have anybody els have this problem?
yes same problem here !! i've try to restart firefox and the pc then wait 1 day nothing change ... i've upload a new track same problem .............;
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Hi there,

I'd like to follow up on this with you to make sure we're talking about one and the same thing here.

1. If you're sharing your track to another social network such as Facebook and the wrong image appears, then please refer to this conversation to see how this can be resolved. If the steps outlined there do not help, please let us know about it on the relevant conversation.

2. If you're experiencing general issues when uploading your image, then this is a different issue, which can be most often worked out by a basic set of troubleshooting steps as outlined here. If these steps do not help resolving the issue, please let us know about this here and feel free to attach the image in your response, with a mention of the track that you're trying to update (or, please let us know if it is your profile image that you're trying to update).

Hope this helps!

Hi Mathis,
I want to change the images on my songs but can not.
After having selected the desired image from my harddrive, only a generic default image created by Soundcloud is showing.
Have tried with Safari, FF and Chrome with no success.
Have cleared cache.
This has never been an issue before.
How can this be solved?