Incorrect number of track likes on profile

  • 5 January 2016
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SoundCloud Community,

I have noticed a bug in my profile when looking at my track 'likes'. I only have 26 tracks liked and it shows up as 62 likes total. This is an incorrect number and it needs to be fixed because it bothers me a lot to look at it in a way to say that I only have a little number of tracks liked. Posting an image to explain further detail.

2 replies

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Hi Chris,

The inconsistency is caused by your profile's failure to recalculate immediately after Likes have been deleted or taken off the platform. The number will sync up on it's own but it may be delayed, please be patient while your profile takes into consideration the difference in Likes.

Thank you,
hello, i have the same problem. please refresh my counter. it's stayed inaccurate for several weeks.