iPad Safari Logon Fails

  • 10 May 2016
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Since the new changes to the browser based logon, it is impossible to logon to the site with Safari for iPad... The second tab does not open, and the logon simply displays then disappears. Since there are MANY features that are unavailable within the iPad application, one still must be able to logon to the browser version to perform these tasks (email, comments, user blocking(as the check boxes for spam, and delete likes, comments has never worked)...


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7 replies

Hi Leo,

please have a look at this:


Stefan... Thanks for forwarding me this thread from my own on the same subject... It is resolved on my end now as of a few hours ago... I'm not sure why you might still be experiencing this issue...
No, I still have the problem...
I actually still have the problem as well. It was most certainly working yesterday morning... shortly after I replied, I tried to logon again ... and of course it did not... I also tried again moments ago... and it is still down... I tried the browser cache clearing as they suggested (which I do all day), I don't like tracking cookies keeping tabs on me... so I do that frequently anyhow...
My problem seems not really to be solved too. Clearing the cache did help a bit - now I needed only 3 or 4 clicks to sign in successfully, not 30 or 40. But I cannot call this method a "solution".
I had it working... then not working again... I was given the logon prompt 'properly' ... it would not accept my password for whatever reason (I tried a few times just to be sure I made no typos) ... then the following day it let me in again... I did have to clear my browser cache (which is fine as I don't care to be tracked anyhow) ... None the less... it appears to be working okay on my end now.

Is your iOS up to date? I'm not sure which version of the pad, nor the OS that you are running, but I have an iPad Air 3 (I think 3 is the version) and I'm running iOS v9.3.2(13F69)
Same issue here iPad Air 2, iOS 10.0.2(14A456)

Very annoying, the pop-ups disappear immediately. Why bother with this animated JavaScript stuff? Just take me to a login page that won't vanish before I can log in.

Same problem happens when I try to tap the pencil button to edit a track. Website is useless on iOS.