Is the daily follow limit always the same for every user?

  • 22 March 2015
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Hi. Just wanted to ask, if you've had your following facility blocked before does that make soundcloud decrease your follow limit? Sorry for promoting too hard :(
Also, do blocks for hitting the follow limit just double every time? is there ever a limit?


3 replies

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Hi Kryptonight,

Thanks for writing in. We do not decrease your follow limit if you get blocked from following. We honestly don't have a problem with you growing your profile's following but please do it in a way that is not spammy. These limits that we have in place are in direct response from our community that complained about this. If you get flagged for this too often then eventually your account could be taken down.

Please let me know if anything is still unclear to you, happy to help :)

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That's fine thank you!
Hi Gina,

I've followed/unfollowed here and there in the past. I am under the impression that i am somehow blocked. When can i follow new artists again? I seem to be stopped at 365...

Thanks in advance