Is there a way to filter or hide reposts

  • 13 January 2017
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Of the first 20 songs in my stream 17 of them are reposts. I followed these artists to listen to their music, not the music they repost. Is there a way to filter out or hide the reposts?

3 replies

Yes, Please!

I missed this feature a lot, and I think It's as simple as just have a checkbox for show/hide reposts.
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Yes, please.
Its so easy to implement, why soundcloud don't implement it.
on backend side its more faster then clientside via javascript smh.
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Yeh I've found reposting to be a big issue ever since it first appeared. It has turned Soundcloud into a spammy social media platform now which I think is a terrible disservice to the artists. The stuff we make takes far too much time and effort to have it buried with mindless reposts.

I keep having to unfollow people I really like because as much as I want to keep up with their music, following them and having my stream spammed out with their reposts means I can't keep up with anyone else's music. I don't want to miss anything so I can't have this. Shame.

A feature I suggest is that we can turn off reposts for certain people. So that way we can just choose to turn off reposts from the people who spam us with them. It would also be nice to be able to shift reposts to a separate tab. I don't think reposts are a bad feature, they just get abused.