Is there a way to make newly added songs automatically go to the top of the playlist instead of having to drag it up to the top spot?

  • 7 July 2015
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3 replies

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Hi there Mike,

Thanks for posting. Unfortunately, this currently isn't an option.

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yes this would be very handy... as this is the default view for user profile pages, groups, stream, etc... the same should also apply to playlists... reverse chronological order.

pro tip: if you click and hold onto the bottom track and you want to move it to the top, while your still holding the mouse button down, press the home key on the keyboard and the page should jump all the way to the top. then you can drop it in. this is much easier than moving the mouse towards the top of the page and waiting for it to scroll. if you have lots of items in the playlist, it can take ages.
I would like to add to the chorus requesting this as an option. It would significantly help workflow for some, myself included, to be able to have new tracks go on top. This option addition would take a single coder one weekend to implement at most. I really hope this is something that can be achieved by SoundCloud. Thank you.