Is there a way to search my own tracks?

  • 13 April 2017
  • 3 replies

Hi folks,

I've got around 300 tracks. Today I was looking for an older one... and I realized that I couldn't find a way to search them. I think this used to exist, so I hope I'm just missing it.

Is it just in some funny place on the page? Or am I stuck sifting through every page of tracks trying to find the one I'm looking for?

And as an aside--with three hundred tracks, that's a LOT of pages to go through at only 20 songs per page. Yet there is no way to skip to any particular page (when searching for one that you know is older, if I can't SEARCH it would be nice to at least SKIP to page 15 or something, to start guessing from some way earlier date). That's a real problem that should definitely be on SC's to-do list.


3 replies

I agree wholeheartedly!!!! I have nearly 1000 tracks and if I want something on page 4 there is NO way to get there directly.
I am trying to do the same thing and I don't think it is possible. You can't even narrow down your search by genre other than to select a few genre they suggest!
My general feeling is that soundcloud doesn't want you searching for your own tracks because they want you to have to listed to other people's stuff.
If they really wanted you to be able to find your stuff, you would be able to search by username and them a search term. But that doesn't satisfy their business model.......not that they have shown any ability to run a business! LOL.
Same problem. I making images for the audios on Pinterest. I just need to search my own tracks so that I can grab the synopsis without having to stroll through them all. If anybody finds a way to search "only your tracks," please let me know.