Issues with mobile app & web browser not syncing properly

  • 11 October 2016
  • 12 replies

I have been using SC for years and for about the last year (maybe a bit longer) I have been running into all sorts of weird syncing issues.
Very regularly songs that I like or add to playlists will be unliked/unposted and/or removed from the playlists I add them to.
Also artists that I follow will be unfollowed on their own (I have tried following one of my best friends on SC about 15/20 times now and it always gets undone . . no exaggeration).
It seems to be an issue when switching use of SC between the mobile app on my Galaxy S4 and my computer.
Really hoping to get this cleared up because I know that there are tons of songs I have liked and artists I have followed that have been completely lost to me.

12 replies

Anyone? Would definite appreciate some help.
Exact same problem here for my LG G4, been using it for over a year, and SC for multiple years. I've always had this problem and assumed it was just how SC was, but apparently yeah they're supposed to be synced...
Really hoping that they can get this cleared up. I've lost tons of tracks I've liked and lots of obscure artists whose names I won't remember. Definitely frustrating. And I cannot find any solutions in the Help Forum.

The only solution that "sort of works" is when I refresh my feed on my phone by swiping down, but then all of my most recent likes get jumbled/shuffled out of order, so really it doesn't work. Also there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to what songs I will see on my phone that I have liked via my computer.
Still unable to resolve these issues, and frankly the troubleshooting tips I have been given are kind of a joke . . . I tried troubleshooting and nothing has resolved the issue.

On top of that, I now get blasted with SC Go adds about ever 5 songs I listen to. Absolutely ridiculous that I am being bombarded with annoying, volume increased advertisements for the new SC Go when the original doesn't even work properly. Why on earth would I ever pay for a service that doesn't work correctly as it is?

I have had to refollow some of my close friend's artist pages 10+ times now as they just get unfollowed randomly for no reason. I also lose tons of favorited songs all the time. It's honestly a bit offensive that I have to suffer through these ads and the best help solution I have been offered is to "troubleshoot" it myself. This seems an engineering / IT issue and should be resolved before any more advertisements are blasted in my ears. Please fix the issue or stop the further degradation of my user experience by cutting out the incessant advertisements.
Well if you're offline (no wifi or data) connect to either then try?? This would happen to me as well.
Reposts/likes don't always save if you're offline...
That is definitely not the issue. I don't have SC Go so I cannot use SC offline . . .
Guess I am just going to be left to deal with the issue. NO SUPPORT whatsoever from SC . . . honestly must be pretty embarrassing for them to have such a huge stability issue and no support to fix it. They just pawn off the issue to the user and advise troubleshooting which does nothing because it's an issue with the platform they have built. Guess I'm going to have to take my frustration to the next level because it's totally ridiculous that I am bombarded by SC adds when they don't have a customer service department you can contact directly and they refuse to offer any real assistance for my issue. Fucking frustrating . . .
Two months now since I have posted this and still no real help whatsoever. Just "refreshed/synced" the likes on my phone and it jumbled them all up as usual and of course a bunch of artists were unfollowed as usual. I also continue to get BOMBARDED by SC GO ads . . What a joke!! "Pay for this service when what we have already doesn't work". Fix the issue or stop interrupting my music listening experience with your tragically ironic advertisements.
Almost another month has almost gone by. Still no actual help WHATSOEVER from SC customer support and I am still bombarded by ads while trying to listen to music. STOP ADVERTISING IF YOUR SERVICE DOES NOT WORK. I WILL NOT PAY FOR STREAMING SERVICE IF THE CURRENT BUILD DOES NOT WORK!!!!

This is getting ridiculous. I have even gone and publicly posted on the SC Facebook page requesting help / complaining about service only to have my comments deleted!! WTF is that!?! Now not only have I been offered no real help, but you have also censored my attempts to attain an actual resolve for my issue. This is such a joke. Get it together and offer me a real solution, otherwise get out of here with your painfully ironic ads.
3 months have now passed . . . ZERO HELP HAS BEEN GIVEN!!!

Soundcloud you are a fucking joke and you should be embarrassed. I am constantly harassed and bombarded by SC Go. In what reality would I want to pay $10 a month for a service when the free one does not work!?!

I have also now tried to reach out for support on your social media channels, both on FB and Twitter. Not only have I received no response, but my comments/posts have been deleted!!! Are you serious!?! What a fucking joke.

I just went and did the "swipe down" to refresh/sync (as previously suggested by your almost completely non-existant and highly elusive support team) and what do you know . . . ? All of my likes and playlists got all jumbled up again in a random order that makes it next to impossible to navigate my listening experience in a pleasant way . . and plenty of songs were unliked and songs removed from the playlists they had been placed on. Artists I followed were also unfollowed PER THE USUAL of your completely failed system. I just had to re-follow one of my best friends for about the 20th goddam time now.

Where is your customer service? How do I get help from a real person? Why would I ever pay for your service if you cannot help me with this simple issue of your free service??????