Just static on windows 10

  • 25 April 2018
  • 4 replies

Currently using the windows 10 app beta from the windows store but all i get is static for every track I found this post a few minutes ago that has yet to get a answer but is the same issue

im using a Logitech G933 wireless spectrum RGB 7.1 surround sound headset plugged into my PC with the USB adapter

4 replies

I'm using a Logitech G633 headset. This isn't a static noise issue, but may be related to my issue of no sound at all. Here's what I've been bumping in various threads: The only hack I know so far is to make sure the headset is unplugged before opening the app. Once open, I can begin playing a song. Once the song is playing, I can plug my headset back in and when Windows transfers the sound to the headset, I can hear the song, adjust volume, etc. However, trying to click on another song will result in no sound again, and may even cause the app to crash. I've tried fiddling with switching the audio source from the system tray, unplugging/plugging while the app is open, etc. I don't know if it's just my headset make and model, but it seems like maybe it's a driver issue with the app? Let's get a repair going, Soundcloud! It's time for this app to move out of beta... 😒
Yikes 7 months later and Im still having the exact same problem. Pretty blatant they dont care. I sure love being forced to throttle my system by having RAM sucker chrome open just to listen to music. Off to spotify I go.
Same here, Logitech g933 wireless, if use 7.1 surround sound i get the distortion thing for every track but if i don't use the surroud i hear nothing... everything works fine if i switch to my speakers and also if i switch to speakers then back to headsets the song curently playing is fine the next one is distorted, any fix?
Alright, so even though this is old, what I found is that if I connect my sound card that came with my Logitech G430, my headphones do the following:
  • With surround sound enabled in LGS, I hear nothing.
  • With surround sound disabled in LGS, I hear loud static that makes my ears hurt.
When I remove the sound card, I hear my music, but only in the left earcup. This could be due to my audio ports being damaged but I'm not sure.