Keeping track of external web plays

  • 21 July 2016
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Hi, I have 2 soundcloud players on my website ( ) I'm using Google analytics so I can see where my music is being played and by who. On the Google analytics website I'm getting a lot of views from "Not set" and I think this is from my website. Is there a way I can input my web address on soundcloud so I can keep a track on website views via soundcloud or Google. "not sure I'm making sense" Thanks in advance Gerry.

2 replies

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Hi Gerry,

Thanks for reaching out. Hmm, so there is not a way to add your website to your SoundCloud settings in the way it would show on GA. Our stats for Pro Unlimited user provide more information around this actually, so you might want to take a look into this. We cannot always guarantee that we can track all of the website from where users are coming to listen to your tracks, but it is definitely helpful to get a better overview over your audience.


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