Likes still don't show in the like button. problem still not solved

  • 25 January 2016
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Hi moderators, i adressed this issue a couple of times already. the number of likes don't show (anymore) in the like button. Not on my profile page and not in groups. Please don't shove this post in some feature request post as you did last time. This is not a feature request, this is a problem i'm reporting which still isn't fixed. soundcloud has decided to merge the number of likes and the like button in an update weeks ago, but this still isn't working at all. And please be so kind to respond: what is the status on solving this issue by the product team? i was told this was reported to them weeks ago. thanks!

2 replies

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Hi there MAJOR 3RD,

Here's what I see when going to your public profile:

Are you not seeing it this way? (and if not so, please provide a screenshot). If you don't see the number, please make sure you try and maximize your browser window and reset the zoom of your browser.

In regards to this not being shown in groups - this has been reported, yes, however this does not mean that it'll immediately be investigated at this point. We haven't received any further notice from the team as to how or when this can be addressed.

Hope this helps to shed some light on this.
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same issue..please solve