Login front end has changed

In the last week my login screen from a Win 7 desktop pc has changed.

I can no longer stay logged in and I now get the following login screen

I type in my email and then am asked for my password

I'm not given the usual options of staying logged in (remember me)

Once I am logged in, my profile page has to be refreshed - notice the missing tabs at the top.

It's not a local pc problem as it occurs on all my pc's.

Anyone else having this problem or know what the problem is please?

Neil B

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Hi Mathis

No, I've never had a header image. I think the only thing I changed before I had the current problem was my DOB details in Settings, but I can't see that that is related either.

Funnily enough, today, it had kept me logged in overnight, even though I'd come out of the net & shutdown.


Will check your links.


Neil B
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Hi there Neil,

Hmm, it looks like you currently don't have a header image uploaded. This is the account that I'm looking at:

We're updating users on issues with the new sign in flow here. However, the header image should stand in no relation with your sign in. Thus, I'd recommend to try our basic troubleshooting steps to either solve the issue or isolate the root cause of the issue further.

Hope this helps. Please let us know how it went.