macOS - Lags Soundcloud's streams on Safari

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All Soundcloud's streams lags sometimes, with different cuts many times on Safari (macOS Sierra - Safari 10.1).
Disable "Power Saver" in Safari's advanced options does not changing.
I have not Flash installed on this computer.
On a other web browser (for example Mozilla Firefox) no problem.

Can you solve this issue ?

Thanks for support and return.

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Yes. Please fix this Soundcloud.
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Please fix this.
Got the same problem - small glitches of sound most noticeable while playing a mix.
The issue persists only in Safari v.10.1(12603., no issues in Chrome v.57.0.2987.133 on the same tracks.

Running both browsers on MacOS Sierra v.10.12.4.

This bug is really annoying, I prefer to use safari because of ability to control playback with touch bar, but ending up listening SoundCloud in Chrome :/
Is there any needed information I could provide to fix this issue?
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I tried clear Safari cache, but it doesn't help.
In addition, there are no issues with other streaming services, like Bandcamp for example
Super annoying.
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Very super mega annoying....
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you answered your own question in the title haha
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Same here
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Please can you let me know if this is still an issue, and provide the version of safari you are using, from Safari > About Safari