Managing the music I've "liked"

  • 3 October 2017
  • 1 reply

I've been a long time user of soundcloud. I think i started in 2011. So i've been "liking" tracks for years and adding them to my collection. Recently I've wanted to listen to old music I'd found. It seems like the only option to access or view the music i liked several years ago is to sit there and scroll the list like an idiot for 20 minutes. An once you've scrolled down far enough, the website or app becomes sluggish because it is loading so many assets. How is this possibly the way this service is designed?
I pay for Soundcloud + and its insane to me that they have made it virtually impossible to access the music i have cultivated while faithfully using their platform for many years. Anyone have a work-around?

1 reply

I just had an issue where music from the app itself deleted half of my music and is only accessible in the computer and it irritates me because how would I know what song I have liked or not liked and then checking everytime on my computer to access my playlist fuck that everything should be accessible in the app itself. I had 5410 and went down to 1996 and everytime I like music the old one deletes and uploads the new one keeping 1996 consistant and I hate that so much