Most viewed and Most liked filter in explore!

  • 22 January 2015
  • 5 replies

Filter in the Explore makes easy to find the most popular songs. Like "Most Viewed" or "Most Liked".

5 replies

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Amen my Friend!
Yes, I think some additional filters within (explore->Category->genre) would make it more usable for particular users like myself, why not let users explore "Most Recent, Most Popular(Likes - Plays)", etc... It would be a nice addition to this service.
Any Word?
Yes I definitely want the same functionality! Please please please! :)
Sorting by "Most Viewed" or "Most Liked" would help making the search more accurate as there a high chance that the most liked song fitting your keywords is the one you are looking for.
Soundcloud is useless without a "most liked" search function. You should be able to search most liked in any genre, or all genres. I'm out.