Music/sets shared to facebook & pathetic images??!!

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Why is it artists who share from any other musical sites dont have any issues with artwork including mixcloud, yet when we share our music to facebook our artworks totally and utterly embarrising & unbelievably unprofessional??? yet any other sites have no issues!! i really am completely pissed off with when i share my mixes on facebook & have had stick off idiots thinking its me thats put it up like that!!!

Like wtf is going on with how fooking shite it looks soundcloud?????

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Im glad all other artists on here are glad with there quality soundcloud shared link on facebook lol, come on people speak up, its soo poor when we share our music on facebook its embarrising the way the artwork goes
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Hi DjPinkie - sorry to hear you're not happy with the way Facebook crops the SoundCloud track. Any chance you could share the track artwork and a screenshot of how this looks on Facebook? This way other users on the community might be able to provide feedback, comment, etc. and I can send feedback to product.

I have the same problem, trying to share a mix on facebook and the artwork looks terrible, can I fix this?