My Account has Disappeared!

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Hey all

I don't think your accts. are gone. There is a bug or a hack gone rogue. If you google your username on sound cloud click on it and it will show up your profile for some. MUST BE CLEAR for some. Then click on it and your stuff appears again FOR SOME. IF YOU TRY TO LOGIN IT THAT IS WERE IT GOES ROGUE. CLEARING YOUR CACHE/ COOKIES/ BROWSER HISTORY will not do you justice. It's on Sound Clouds end. Take a breather go away for awhile and come back and try again. It could take them min, hours up to 24 hours to fix the problem. It wide spread outage on multiple continents/countries. Depending on where you're out, you just might have got your service back. But Not EVERYONE has. So please some of you STOP POSTING THAT EVERYTHING FINE/WORKING IT
Hey, I am trying to reply to a message and I am having constant trouble for the past hour or two getting into my account. all my posts, messages, and content disappears, once my whole account disappeared, then it all appears again, only to disappear, and I have trouble sending messages.

My account is

Please help, this is very inconvenient at this time! I need my account soon...
Seems I am not the only one having trouble today.

Edit: just read the message above, interesting news. Hope they clear it up soon!
BOTH my soundcloud accounts have disappeared - with the above message. Ugh scary! Will it just come back with time? I link it up to my website so it's not ideal!
Just here to report that my account is up and seems to be working normally now. I did nothing on my end, just walked away and came back to it. Hope it stays that way!
Not one person has been kind enough to help me out . I am looking for a human and not a bot to help me out with why I cannot access my profile account which is active, No SC staff has come to and not one user who might be familiar with my situation.
Problem : Logged in, access to acct for 10sec before it logs me out, redirects me to the home page to log in. I've done everything something is terribly wrong. I am praying a human or (s) respond . Thank you kindly
this is the URL it has me under but it's not my account. I am so confused as to why.
My acct. is working now. Disregard. Sorted out problem.
Same problem here. What's going on?? URL:
My account has dissapeared, I havent gotte an email from soundcloud saying why. My url is can someone please help?
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My account has dissapeared, I havent gotte an email from soundcloud saying why. My url is can someone please help?

Hi there,

I've checked in with our Trust & Safety team about this. It looks like your account got caught in one of our security systems by accident.

You should now back up and running.
I can't access my account and my profile and my tracks suddenly disappeared. Please help me!!!!!!!!!

Hi  @Mathis 

I need some help urgent!! my account has dissapeared without doing anything wrong!! i have been an active followers from years, i also have my artist account with pro account, hope you can help me recovering this account please! thanks in advance.


Best Regards.

Today it happened - We can’t find that user.

A report has been sent to our tech team,
and they’re looking into the problem.
Please check back in a bit.

what to do?