My comments to others will not 'stick' !

  • 3 February 2015
  • 2 replies

When I try to reply to a comment on my song the comment will disappear right after I post it. It will not 'stick' . This is the 2nd day of this . Sometimes it will work , but mostly it deletes itself .

2 replies

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Hi Susi,

Thanks for posting & sorry to hear about the troubles. Hmm, let's see - maybe there is simply a delay before your browser of choice is actually showing the comment / reply (which would certainly not be ideal, but it'll bring us closer to the root cause of this.

In order to test this, I'd recommend to check the track page from a different browser after you've made your next comment in your usual browser of choice.

Also, we do have a set of basic maintenance steps outlined here, which I'd recommend to run just to be sure your system is optimized.

Looking forward to hearing from you, let us know how this goes :-)
Thanks for the reply. I think it was just a couple of days of glitches going on, as I was also having trouble posting and 'seeing' my tracks and a friend here was also having trouble with commenting and 'liking' staying in place. But today it is working fine, so who knows where the trouble was. Thanks for your time!