My music is not showing up. Is it deleted? Or because i'm in Dominican Republic?

  • 12 February 2015
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My music is not showing up when i check my soundcloud page. I cannot access or see anything on my page@CKHiD.

It does not play on my tumblr. I cannot share anything on Facebook because of this and wondering what's going on before I upload more.

Please advise.

4 replies

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I just had a look at your profile, looks like everything you have uploaded is on your account. What specific tracks are you referring to?

hi gina im having the same problem i have 8 tracks but last called legends in the making has dissapeared from my profile and tracklists and can only be accessed from my notifications of likes on the track
came back
hello , i see that a lot of user upload songs from artist , everytime i try to do the same my track gets deleted , and a notification comes up saying that i have to get permition from the company that owns that particular song, why is that?, i am not making any profit from uploading it , or promoting it.