My soundcloud stream is only showing my own reposts

This just happened today. How do i fix this issue?

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Same here. Not sure what the issue is.
same issue. no answers from support for the past 3 years on here it appears based on the number of threads i've seen and absolutely no help from soundcloud.
yeah i saw that too. seems like they *reaaally* know what theyre doing. good thing i don't have Go, otherwise i'd be pissed.
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Hey there,

Apologies about this - we've checked in with our engineers and it looks like some users were affected by a temporary outage on the Stream over the weekend. This is now resolved, so you should be all set.

Thanks for hanging in there.

@leet We're trying to catch as much as possible, but cannot get it all, so we're grateful for any help from other users here on the forums. If you cannot seem to find the answer here or on the Help Center & require further assistance from the team, feel free to reach out to them here.
Having this issue for the third time this year. started happening today...
Seems I also just got "infected" by this glitch. :D

I remember this happening to me like two years ago, but I'm really not sure how it got resolved.
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I'm having the same problem. Will you please fix this asap? I hope so! Thank you.
This is my fourth (fifth?) time having this issue in the past year, and this time it has persisted for over a week.
This just started happening for me on both of my browsers, what a curse! I tried clearing cache and cookies to no avail
This is happening across a device platforms for me. PC, Iphone, SONOS.