My Stream is not showing new tracks

  • 23 April 2019
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My Stream is only showing tracks from a month ago backwards, nothing from the last few weeks?

Also, it's not showing all the people I follow, just two or three people I follow - I want to see everything from everyone I follow.

Please could you advise. Thanks Vicky

7 replies

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Same here - sometimes it works by refreshing. Desktop seems to be affected more than mobile
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Hi there,

Hmm, I've looked into this for the both of you - maybe this was merely a temporary hicup? It looks like your Streams are showing new additions properly now.

Let the Community know if you did anything to get this solved from your end, or if this issue persists for you.

This is happening for me too. I have tried signing out and back in, and refreshing, but nothing seems to work. It is doing this on the mobile app and on my desktop. Any suggestions?
Hey mine is having this problem too. Something isnt right with my feed. It showing mostly songs I reposted from several days ago and then tracks/mixes posted 6-7 days ago
Stream issue here as well, only showing my own tracks instead of by people I follow...

This is happening to me to, I use soundcloud a lot for finding new songs and it’s pointless now since I’m only seeing songs from 3 months - 3 years ago and the odd new song, please can this be resolved 

I have the same. started a few days ago. at first it helped that I deleted cookies. but now it has ceased to help. I do not know what to do. Chrome browser.