My tracks aren't showing up in my playlists.

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I added 28 tracks to my playlist but 13 are actually listed on the page. How would I fix this?
having the same problem with one of my playlist I added new tracks recently and they are not here, It's says I have 576 tracks but I only have 493, it's the same on my phone and my computer.
Same problem as daxdart and others. I upload songs. All uploaded songs show up under But after adding them to my group and playlists, only a few random songs show up in the list, even though the total number of songs indicator is correct for the group and playlist. Is this a glitch with the soundcloud website? How soon can we expect a fix?
I renamed a playlist I made called "repeat" to "rad jams" and I had about 500 songs on this playlist all I did was rename it and now the playlist has dissapeared completely how do I get it back ? PLEASE HELP!!!
My liked tracks are almost all disappeared! Help!