Need Help changing URL name

  • 9 February 2019
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I am having difficulty changing my soundcloud URL to the one I really want. I know this topic has been posted MANY times but @Mathis if you could help me to see if it can be done that would be appreciated.

I mistakenly posted in Subscriptions when it should have been Desktop, my apologies

4 replies

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Hey! If you're trying to change your SoundCloud profile's URL, make sure that it isn't taken by another user. It should tell you that it is by saying "This profile URL is already in use. Please try another." If it is already taken, there will be no way to change your URL to the taken one unless they are to change their URL and/or delete their account.

If it does not tell you that it is taken but will not change your URL to the one you want, contact SoundCloud Support. They should be able to help you with your situation.

Hopefully this helps!
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Hi there,

Please see here for more info:

If changing the URL still doesn't seem to work, chances are the URL used to belong to a previous account that was suspended due to being spam / fake or repeated copyright infringement.
@Mathis Hey! Thanks for responding.

That link you provided is the first thing i saw when trying to change my url. However when searching the topic in this community it seemed like you helped others with the same problem. The name maybe dormant or suspended but based on postings from others with the same problem, it seemed like you were able to help them get the url they wanted by making this post private and me providing my desired url name. Are you able to see if the url I want can be given to me as you have for others? If you can that would be greatly appreciated

@Echo Drone Thanks for your response as well! When i hit "save changes" it doesn't give a message saying "name is taken". The "save changes" button changes to "saving" for a quick moment, then goes back to "save changes" and it not saving as a result. Also the Edit profile screen remains the same as before hitting "save changes".