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  • 2 November 2016
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How do you manage to disappoint with every new feature you make. Seriously It's beyond my comprehension.
Why can't you make something to improve music discovery for 1 time.

I have been a Soundcloud user for many years. I remember how good Soundcloud was when it was still flash based. When you announced changes (for the better) I was actually excited. But in reality after that it only went downhill. There was no changes. I seriously don't recall any positive changes after the html5 introduction. That was the last good thing that cam from this site. This make me sad and angry at the same time. The fact that I'm wasting my time writing this only proves my feelings.

I use the site regularly. I love to discover new exciting music and talented musicians. I loved Soundcloud. This platform could be so much better than anything else out there. But in stead of platform improvements there has been only some minor changes that don't do anything to improve the user's experience. At least not for me. If anything the changes made my experience worse.


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7 replies

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The button is not even consistent... Some times there is no "... more button". I have seen some playlists have it and some don't.
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Saw the 'Less' button today, what a UI atrocity. Inflict extra clicks and pain on users, poor show. Some tracks offer download and some don't so now I have to click more on EVERY track to find out. Face-palm. Back to pod casts...

Please put the download button back.

Filtering on track length would also be nice.
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No. Adding a filter like that or any other filter would mean that some work has to be done and it would actually improve the user experience.
By today's Soundcloud standard that means it will never happen.
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Hey you two,

Thanks for posting on the Help Community and for providing feedback about this. The changes to the UI underneath the waveform are currently part of an experiment. The reasons for this change are as follows:

1. They make the player less cluttered.
2. They make space for new features that we hope to introduce in the coming months.

There’s loads we want you to be able to do, but after testing we found that like and share were the most important for your social usage. This could change in the future though.
Obviously you can still access the repost button, ‘Add to playlist’ and start a Station via the 'more' button.

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Depends what you are trying to achieve. I don't use soundcloud for "social usage", I do try to like/repost to give kudos to the artists but to me the most important is to be able to download new mix episodes so that I can listen to them whilst not at my PC. The update has made this experience worse and it wasn't great to start with. No way of knowing where I got to last time downloading mixes. No easy way other than visually to determine which is a mix and which is a track. Hiding the download button just makes things a bit harder...

An .rss feed for my personal stream would be nice... then you could keep the UI biased towards the social stuff.
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Meh I can smell disaster allover this Mathis... I wonder what new "features" you plan. The station feature is a perfect fail already. So if you plan to introduce more useless features like that then...

The less clutter argument is not a good one. It may look better but it's less user friendly.
I wonder why introduce more features. Make up your mind and use a few features that are useful and trash the rest. Having more features is not necessarily a good thing.
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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to wrap this one up - Thank you all for your feedback, it was much appreciated! The test phase that would put the repost button behind the "more" button has now ended and things are back to how they were beforehand.

Closing this topic accordingly.