New track notifications have stopped being emailed to me

  • 5 April 2016
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I haven't been getting emails of track uploads on followed popular/promoted accounts for many months now. For the past few days I have stopped receiving notifications altogether, while they are being uploaded.

9 replies

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Hi there,

We are currently looking into a bug where not all notifications are being sent through. We hope to have a fix out soon.

I've had the same problem with track uploads - no email notifications since March 30, like notifications still work. Its an important feature for me - any news on the fix?
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No progress for 6 months..dreadful customer service
Very true, Nick.
I've had the same problem since March 2016. On a slow broadband connection, Ihave to trawl endlessly through all the playlists of the 100's of people I'm following to see what they have posted, which is not feasible with only 18 hours in the day.

Equally well, I get virtually no plays for my own tracks, not that I mind so much, although as Mick Jagger once said, "There's no point in having fun unless you're seen to be having fun".

I think Soundcloud needs to re-instate the email notifications, otherwise people will leave and go to other websites that offer better service. I don't think I'll be paying Soundcloud for the "PRO" upgrade unless they put this service back on.

(Oddly enough, I get email notifications about 2 per week of newly posted tracks on my phone . . . though none on the PC, where I do all my Soundcloud stuff).

And who is Gina, anyway? Is she able to fix anything?
Deafening silence from SC about this major problem.

I would mind paying a subscription if the email service was put back on.
I have even sent direct messages to their cust serv. Nothing
It's a pity for Soundcloud that they don't fix this. I used to start my day ploughing through all my email notifications with great anticipation, and played pretty well all of them. SC better be careful that someone else doesn't steal their show, which, after all, is pretty dam' impressive.

The strange thing is, I do get a very few notifications turning up on my cellphone . . . sort of, one-a-day trickle.

But if Gina really is a Soundcloud rep, then I don't expect very much after 8 months of waiting.
Hi there,

We are currently looking into a bug where not all notifications are being sent through. We hope to have a fix out soon.


Hi Gina,

Hadn't you better make a bit of haste? Your post is 9 months old now. I've not heard of any work going on to fix it. No emails = no new tracks get played = VERY frustrated Soundcloud folk. I know it's free, but you can't expect anyone in their right mind to "Go Pro" with the daft situation you have created.

And how come I used to get 10+ emails a day, and now I get ONE new track notification every TWO days (or so) on my mobile from people I don't know, which I can never usually find on my PC anyway?

aka Jim