Not all tracks are showing on my Public profile

  • 1 November 2016
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I now only have 2 tracks on my Soundcloud page, as opposed to the 5. Upon entering my paged tonight I did notice an ad for GoPro.

It seems that my paid subscription has lapsed. If that is the case, why was I not notified as a courtesy since I am a paying customer, that I was approaching the time for a subscription renewal/payment before my page was stripped of most of the tracks? That I got an advertisement but no payment notice sent to my account here is rather troubling.

I'd like to pay for the plan again but I need to first know if the tracks that were deleted will be reinstated along with the stats that were accumulated or do I have to start the process of uploading them all over again?

Thanks for your time and look forward to your response.

Oscar McMillan

3 replies

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Hi there Oscar,

Please note that I have removed your personal email address from your previous post - we don't recommend to provide any personal information on a public community like ours.

Now, back to your question. 🙂 You should have received notifications about this actually. I did notice that the email you had previously provided is not the primary email address tied to the account in question, so I'd recommend to check this in your account settings.

Other than that, yes - once you upgrade, all of the tracks that are currently hidden will be fully reinstated with all of their comments, play counts, etc.

Thank you Mathis for the clarification and the speedy response. It is very much appreciated and has arrested most of my concerns. I've added another more relevant email to my account as you've suggested and I will resubscribe/make a payment this coming Friday, however I have one more concern.
Will the now missing tracks that were embraced (liked, followed, re-posted)by participants of Soundcloud prior to them being removed from view, reappear as a product of their page/account or will they have to re-embrace those tracks once my account is adjusted upon payment?

Oscar McMillan
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Hi Oscar,

Good question - given the likes & reposts will be reinstated automatically, other users would then see their respective contributions again as well.