Not getting notifications of reposts

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I am not getting notifications of my tracks being reposted.

Please see attached screenshot. You can see that my track has been reposted, but in the notifications I only get a notification of the track being liked.

I also noticed that I am not getting all notifications of people replying to my comments. This is sad, cause in that way I am not notified when people interact with me, giving them an impression that I am ignoring their comments.

Anyway this could be fixed?


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The very same is happening to me.

I only see likes and comments on my notifications, no reposts :(

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Hi there,

You should be all set by now. Sorry about this glitch. Our engineers have investigated and found the root cause. Fixed.
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Hi Mathis,

It hasn't been fixed :(

See screenshot
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Hi Mathis, could you have a look at this?
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ANybody here?
Same problem here, this ‘no reply and repost notifications’ problem for me has been going on from around the second week of March.
Now I at least know it's not just my account ... :)
Same issue here!
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Any chance someone of the soundcloud team will show the decency and pretend they care about their users and reply to this topic?
Since few weeks, I am not getting notifications of my tracks being reposted, and also no single notification of people´s replies.
This is totally ennoying and steels my time. And it seems to me, that still nothing is solved....
I am the same no repost notifications for the last month, apparently its fairly widespread at the moment. I raised a ticket a week ago and no response at all. Makes me wonder why I bother paying for a subscription when I don't get the service I'm supposed to.
This is the response I recieved today, Ive had this problem last 3 months, continually raising tickets vbut getting no real answers or explanations and Im done with SC.

"However, you do seem to be suffering from an issue we're currently facing where repost notifications are not appearing (or disappearing). Our engineers are aware of this and will be working towards fixing it in the future"

Lame really.
you are so right