On PC/Firefox, can't scan through waveform of tracks

Started happening about a week ago. Basically like I said in the title, I can't skip/scan through any of the waveform like I used to by clicking where I want to go. Any suggestions?


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Did you enable anything new like an extension or plugin? How about trying with another browser — say Chrome? Does that fix the issue?
Same here. Windows 10 laptop with touchscreen and Mozilla Firefox 52.0.1 (32-bits). Also tried Google Chome 57.0.2987.110, not working either. Before I never had issues, so wondering what has changed.
Haven't enabled any new extensions/plugins. Chrome or Edge doesn't work either.
I'm having the same issue. Unable to scan through tracks. Windows 10 / All browsers (all updated to latest versions)
Me too, Windows 10 touch Notebook and Firefox...
few days ago can't skip/scan on the wave track of song.
It works on my other windows 10 Notebook same Firefox settings and version.
Same problem here, can't skip or scan on the waveform with the latest versions of Firefox or Chrome in WIN 10, it does work with IE.
The same - Firefox clear install (52.0 or 52.0.1 32 bit) windows 10 scroll on waveform does not work.
The Chrome browser is affected too.
Same problem Firefox (52.0.2 - 64-bit) running on win10
Same, issue, win 10, ff 52 / chrome, neither of them works, can't scroll on the waveform
Having the same problem. Windows 10, latest version of Chrome as at 12pm AEST 31.3.2017. Have tried some suggested fixes of using in incognito, disabling hardware acceleration etc.
here to, I am not able to scan through tracks anymore in firefox since about two weeks ago. On internet explorer it works though!

Firefox 52.0.2 32 Bit, no recent add-on or plugin updates, Win10.
Happened to me aswell since about one week. Before it worked flawlessly. Firefox 52.0 - Windows 8.1 Pro (Build 9600). Touch Laptop.
Same here, can someone please rectify this.
Same here. Can't click on the waveform. But performing a touch action on my touchscreen works fine.
Issue still a problem. Since bought a new PC, W10 as well. Does not work there either (can't scan/skip waveform), have someone solved this since? Thanks
Anyone found a solution yet?
Some updates: W10 64 bit creaters update went through. Firefox and Chrome still do not scan waveforms, however issue seem to be fixed in Edge (IE) latest version that came via the update.
same issue here. running windows 10, 64 bit with firefox. issue started a couple of months ago. any help would be much appreciated
As of today I can click on the waveforms again and scroll through the song.
It doesn't work for me still. Firefox 55.0.2 (64-bit) on Ubuntu.
Adapting the hint found on this thread,

type on the Firefox address bar about:config, accept the risk message, then on search bar type touch.
On the results find the apz.drag.touch.enabled (shoud be the first one) and doubble click on it so it will be false.

Reload firefox and you can skip seconds on the waveform by clicking with the mouse.