Play count keeps resetting to 1

  • 4 August 2015
  • 2 replies

I posted my first (unfinished) song at At one point, the play count was up to 3. But every time I log in, it's back at 1. Am I missing something?

2 replies

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Hi Jonathan,

It sounds like your browser is caching old information. Can you clear your cache and cookies, close your browser and start with a fresh window? Alternatively, I would check your track on another browser to see what you get.

Thanks for responding. I tried a different browser on a different computer (this time, without logging in). When I played the track, the count went from 1 to 2. Now it's back at 1. Something seems very strange about this.

UPDATE: I really don't think this is related to caching. Caching would cause it to show old values, when it is resetting to 1 instead. As best I can tell, what is happening is that the count increments every time I play the track. But since I'm the same person, it seems to not count those times and reset to 1 when I revisit the page. But, if this is the case, it shouldn't increment it in the first place. I expected better behavior from a well-established site like soundcloud.