Playlist problems between mobile and desktop

  • 5 June 2015
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Ok, so I mostly use soundcloud on my phone but I do use the desktop version when I'm at home. Problem is, all the music I added into a playlist on my phone doesn't fully show up in the desktop version. For example, I currently have a playlists with 38 tracks that I can see and play just fine on my phone. But when I try to access it on the desktop version it only shows the first 17 songs. Some of my other small playlists that are maybe 2-5 songs either will have one or nothing in the desktop.

Currently I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S4 if it makes a difference. It's not the biggest problem in the world, but it would be helpful if the two would sync up.

9 replies

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Hi RY,

Thanks for the head's up. Can you double check that you have not accidentally created a duplicate account on your phone?

No it's the same account. I post my own music own soundcloud and most of the time I do it from the desktop and it still shows up when I use my phone.
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Hi RY,

Just wanted to check in. We have rolled out Android updates. Have you updated and seen your playlists sync up accordingly?

I have the identical issue on the same device (Samsung S4) but in reverse...I do all my adjustments to my playlist via chrome on my laptop and the only way my mobile lists will update is if I re-install the application. This is a extremely inconvenient workaround but I've not had it update a single time otherwise.
I have the exact same issue but with Macbook Air 13' and iPhone 6... Extremely inconvenient is the word.
My Iphone 6 hasn't updated with the status of my desktop version since december 2015 or so. Logging out and in doesn't help. Desktop is an airbook, running SC on Chrome.
Please help and sort this out?
I have the same problem and I'm using a Galaxy S6. None of my playlists on desktop are showing the songs I have added from my phone. I don't want to refresh my playlists on my phone because the tracks would disappear and show the same amount on desktop and on desktop, when I refresh, nothing updates.
Honestly this is bullshit. I have a big time big time playlist that should be getting alot more love but when I upload songs via my cellphone they do not sync with my computer soundcloud. It was fine until I hit 103 songs. Now on my phone I am at 119, but my computer still only has 103.
Same here .. my " Fav 1 " Playlist shows the right thing on my Samsung E7 mobile phone : 38 Tracks , however on my PC it shows only " 5 " .. !! can anyone help pleaeaeaeaease ?!