Please, help me with 3 or my tracks; urls cannot be opened. I cannot understand what is wrong. VERY important for an artist proposal!

  • 22 November 2015
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3 replies

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Hi Dimitra,

I'd love to have a look, can you please share the 3 links with me here?

hi Gina,
Thank you so much for getting back to me. This is a very important opportunity for me.

Here are the links I have submitted - I had to reduce 3 of my pieces in order to submit them for an artist residency application:

1.°©_skandali/it-°©_is-°©_because-°©_i-°©_miss-°©_you-°©_2012-°©_15 and it refers to the following link:
2.°©_skandali/loves-°©_fears-°©_and-°©_hopes-°©_v1 and it refers to the following link:

3.°©_skandali/mind-°©_the-°©_void-°©_v1 and it refers to the following link:

I cannot understand what I did wrong.

Thank you in advance for your time and help.


hi Gina,
I am wondering if there is any chance that we could resolve this issue. Thank you!