Private tracks that are sent to me by others are not showing

  • 4 September 2015
  • 3 replies

It seems that the private tracks that people on soundcloud share with me in the message section are not appearing in my inbox. Somehow they can see them in the message line but I can't. Any idea why this is? They stipulate that they haven't removed the track. This is a problem when they like me to download it for collaboration.
Intrigued to hear your ideas on the issue.


3 replies

To add to this, I just found out that also my own private tracks do not show on my profile page. I guess my question just turned into a problem since this is essential for filesharing between users when collaborating. I hope it can be fixed as I see from former users messages it did happen before. Hope to hear from you.
Any update on the matter?
Hi Dan, unfortunately I can't help u with your prob. I got the same probs with file sharing here.
I think it's a general issue currently on soundcloud. It is already reported to soundcloud. Hope they will fix it soon.
Take care