Problems with music play using account

  • 27 March 2018
  • 6 replies

Hi! I can't play tracks after sign in my account. What has been done: I've already tried to reinstall Flash Player, switch off all applications in Chrome (default browser), clear cache, history and cookies and launch the music using Mozzila Firefox. In Firefox tracks could be played untill I sign in my account. Further the same story repeats. After sign out in Firefox no any tracks can't be played. Can it be related to my upload quota? Beacuse today I have uploaded track and now there is notification that I'm 12 minutes out of quota. And this issue arrose after uploading, around noon time. Today morning everything was good. Thank you in advance.

6 replies

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hey @Vasily Bento

- is this still happening?
- Please can you provide a track that won't play?
- Do you see an error message?
- Does this still not work after logging in in an incognito window?

this is happening to me too, i created a question but got no response. i'm using a chromium based browser and i had no problems playing tracks up to about a week ago.
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@moonchild-89 what browser version, and what OS are you using?

im using windows 10 and version 62.0.3202.94 of my browser (most recent version)
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@moonchild-89 chrome or chromium?

The latest version is 65 please can you try updating?

If you go to 'help -> about' it should trigger an update check, and then ask you to update.

This is happening to me !

No tracks on my homepage from random artists are playing either.