Profile Display has three bits: Title, subtitle, and location - Question about subtitle.

  • 8 June 2017
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As you might understand from the title, I have a question about what displayed 'on' the header of a profile.

There's an upper part, the name of your page.
There's a middle part, often your name.
There's a lower part, your location.

I want to change that middle part. Now it just said 'Christophe Ponsard' (my name), but I saw on other pages that this middle part can be a full phrase. So I'd like to change that part into something like "A Christophe Ponsard sound community project".

Only... I can't seem to find how you do that.

I tried some searches here and on Google, but failed to find the answer.

Please help!

3 replies

I'm looking for an answer to this as well, i'm trying to change my alias from Valhalla to Black Wax but I don't know how to..... :/:?
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Hi there,

Hm, I would think users who have this set up actually used the location / name field for this.
ok, how do we change the location / name fields for that?