Proife & Header images won't upload

  • 12 January 2017
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I uploaded new music yesterday and for whatever reason when I try to add art it lets me save but then just shows up as blacked-out on my profile. I checked the image size and tried different formats (jpg). I left it for a day and thought maybe it was an internal issue but I'm still unable to add artwork to these new songs. I've tried different browsers too, no luck. Please help!

17 replies

I'm having the same issue with this. Could really do with getting a response on this.
I have been trying for a while now to upload a header and profile image through a computer, and none of my attempts have been successful. This is a brand new account, so I haven't used an image before... and it won't let me upload an image at all! Has anybody got any advice or recommendations in order to upload images at last?

Thank you xox
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Are your images the right sizes and formats?

It would be worth adding the link to your account here as sometimes these are cache issues and other users can see or hear things you can't.
i'm having the same issue. upload the photo, it saves but when i refresh the image is missing. did the issue correct for you guys?
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Can someone help me please, i'm doing a contest and need a new picture but everytime i want to update it and then save changes, The image disappears....


Andy Louz
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Same sort of issue happening here as well. - My issue involves my profile picture and my header photo on my profile.
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i'm tired of this issue !!!!!! It's very important to my this week that i have my cover image up again!.... please fix it.....
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same problem!
Me too. Exact same issue with new profile pic and banner not uploading... giving me an error message despite it being to spec..... This is completely ridiculous. WTF?
My profile pic and banner are not uploading at the moment.

My profile pic seems to upload but when i refresh it's blank again. My banner won't upload at all. Keep getting an error message despite everything being to spec.

Any suggestions?

I'm having the same issue but with a new song I'm trying to upload. When I hit 'Save' after filling in all the standard information, nothing happens.... HELP!!!! 😨
I'm having an upload issue with my new song I'm trying to upload. I fill in all the appropriate info as per usual but when I hit 'save' nothing happens.

Me too. Exact same problem. F'n BS if you ask me. Have you figured out a hack? Does your track have issues uploading as well?

How do we get in touch with tech support. This is ridiculous.
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Same problem for me
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Same problem for me .......
Yup. Seems they're experiencing major issues. Today, when I need to upload a new track.... Of course.... Thx Soundcloud for being AWESOME!
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Hi there everyone,

I believe this might have had to so with last night's outage. (see our status blog)

This issue has now been fixed so you should be able to update your profile pictures and header images properly again.