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  • 2 February 2018
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The link that it tells you to go to in regards to suggestions doesn't work (, at least not for me. Is it just me, and if not is anyone lookna direct me on what to do with suggestions

Seriously though this probably isn't the place to put it, but adding a "add up next / queue to playlist" button would be majorly helpful, in it's current state you gotta click each track individually and add em to a playlist, obviously if you have a lot of tracks added to the up next it would take a crazy amount of time to add em to a playlist. Honestly though, even just making it retain the tracks I've added to the up next between sessions would be a big improvement, the only reason I want to make a playlist out of the next up is cause when my computer crashes or I exit the browser by mistake it resets it completely. A good feature to add would be popping up a window saying "are you sure you want to close?" when you try to close the browser with tracks in the queue. 😃

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