Random refresh when playing old favorites

  • 4 February 2019
  • 3 replies

Hi !
I have a very annoying issue with Soundcloud and I'd like to know if that's only me or if that's a common issue, and if so, if it's gonna be ever fixed.
So I have a lots of favorite, 1590 as I'm typing this. And when I go to play some of my old fav (probably 800 favs ago), the page refresh and go back to the top. But it always does that, it's REALLY annoying, like I can't even play my old fav because it takes 5min to go down there by scrolling. It happens everywhere, on my current computer, it happened on my old computer, it happened on Safari, on Chrome, on Firefox, on Opera..
Sometimes it will directly do this as soon as I click play, and sometimes it's after 2/3 plays, but always when I click play.
So is it a common issue that everyone have or is it just me ?
Thanks a lot for everyone who could help me fix that problem (if it's not a bug of Soundcloud itself)

3 replies

yep, been having the same issue for at least a year now, i have over 2000 likes and if i scroll down past like 300 of them i literally can't click on it without it refreshing to the top of my page, which just took me 10 minutes to scroll through. I'm incredibly annoyed with soundcloud about this considering it has been an issue for SO LONG. I'm also rather disappointed as I simply don't scroll down on my likes anymore because of how annoying it is so I don't get to listen to a lot of the old songs I've forgotten about. I really wish they would fix this as most of my music is on soundcloud and I don't want to have to switch to spotify... but I definitely will if they don't fix it soon.
I have the same problem. I have around 4000 likes atm. and my problem starts for the first ~400 likes.
It's really annoying and i hope SC fixes this issue soon. to prevent this issue, i made a Playlist for the first 100 tracks so i can at least hear them. I guess this happens because of the way the SC website loads. I assume the Website loads everything into the Memory when you scroll down your like page. So maybe it can be fixed if you somehow change the max. amount of data per user Soundcload can handle. I really hope SC fixes this issue soon. 😕

around 3000 liked tracks atm, still having the exact same issue. :cry: