Re-post not showing from a year ago. Real world use of the Re-Repost!

  • 6 March 2017
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Hi Mathis or Cole Mercer,

My man just made a video for this track which I'm trying to promote on my channel. Unfortunately, I'm unable to re-post because I re-posted LAST YEAR!!!! Really guys? I know you're collecting data still, but I've decided pass along my own data every time I try to re-post and you guys screw me and my beloved artists over. :$

Way to lock up my ability to support the local indie artist. I'm curious, who is getting all the extra add money now that you've implemented this "new tech".

I will be back next week upon further disappointment. Please hurry with your fix for this. This is a real life use of a re-repost to add to your data collection. This artist just lost 100% (2000 more) possible new listeners and exposure on my channel as well as promotion to the new video. Great job guys. 🆒
This is the track.
This is the new video they may never see. :)

This is a continuation of this thread which no longer shows up in the public search.

Once again, Thank you for your time. :$

I'm not the only one with this complaint.

1 reply

Hi, Just wanted to add Dan's thoughts from the other thread as I thought they were accurate.

Hello guys,
I am onwer of 5 Soundcloud pro accounts :

And i am very desapointed with the Way you guys Bloked the REPOSTING ability of SC , wich was the best and only feature to get your tracksHerd by the fans.

Its Ridiculous that you guys changed this without previos check with its pro subscribers, making reposts now come back on the exact date it previously was and that it will not show on Followers feed.

1 - now we have no way of organizing our feed, changing tracks positions by re- posting and unposting

2 - Now we can only reach our followers on the feed for a few hours.....since it will get lost on the feed rapidily. Not everyone is loged at the same time on SOundcloud and getting a track reposted different days on different times is important to reach all our followers

3 - If you think its not good for the users , then the USER can just UNFOLLOW, or add a tab like facebook for "Not show on Feed" ;

4 - If you guys are thinking of ways of not letting the track get lost on the feed, you guys should have only tried to implement this changes after improving drastically the feed ability to reach our followers.

This are really stupid changes that are making me think of canceling my accounts and getting reimbursed.

Please get this message to your team, it was a horrible idea and change it back.

Best regards,