Recommended auto play is really starting to annoy me, and more importantly, some of my followers

  • 1 March 2015
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Every-time someone plays a track from my account, at the end anything in my recommended slot is played automatically. While, usually the music is to my, my followers liking, it is annoying that we are not given the choice as to whether to play it or not. I have unlimited pro which says I should be able to stop this by spotlighting my own tracks. I have done this and still I am getting auto plays - getting very, very, very, very annoying - turning green.

2 replies

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Hey Jaqueline,

Thanks for getting posting on our help forum! I'm sorry to hear you're not enjoying the continuous play feature as much as we'd hoped. The intention of the feature is to allow you to explore SoundCloud while continuously listening to sounds from your Stream. Please rest assured that the tracks that play will relate to tracks on your Stream and your 'Likes', they won't be totally random.

I do understand your point of view from a creators side of things though, and will thus make sure to pass on your feedback around this to the relevant product team.

Thanks again for voicing your opinion, I greatly appreciate that!

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