Release date keeps changing - how fix this?

  • 27 April 2017
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How do I enter an album release date that won't change ?

I have entered the correct release date for my songs/albums but for some reason the date keeps changing after I enter and save. Even more weird, songs within a given album have different dates from one another.

This is happening on all my albums. I've entered the date multiple times - I've tried both for the album(s) and for the song(s) and the correct date just won't stick.

Is there some bug? How do get the correct date to stick?

please advise, it's driving me nuts.



2 replies

I also have this problem with my podcast, I have edited the metadata for the episodes so that they show the correct Release Date, and not even an hour later it's different.

This is completely ridiculous.
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The release date bug has apparently existed for over 4 years:

Still here in 2020. Pretty funny if it weren’t so annoying and pitiful that it hasn’t been fixed.