• 18 August 2019
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ok I guess im new to this stuff and I have the program serato.. I love it as well as the gear I got with it..well only what I can afford and it not much but got a hurclues dj control for this program, and I love listen to music..I feel like when u hear a good song the Artist. who created it should be notified right away by sound cloud because if they like it then they cantake our ideas and sounds and contunie with what they do...I feel like some music other artist should hear remixed as long as it sounds good or I need help with getting a music job with you guys on sound sorry I breached these copyrights I never knew until now and let the orginal famous artist hear what ive created because we into the 2019 its not like the 60's and life and technology get further to where we so out dated but there is a new school for music to be herd and is on sounds cloud...I enjoy ur app and I hope I say on here and work for you guys

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