Repeat Notifications

  • 7 June 2017
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Can an engineer at Soundcloud please address the Repeat Notifications issue?

It should be a quick technical fix... but it's very distracting and quite weird to get alerts or having the notification bar lit up when ive already checked the notice.


5 replies

It is distracting and becoming just plain annoying.
I repeatedly receive the same notification. How do I stop this?
Ah, the constantly regenerating alerts notification.....without associated new alerts.

What an utterly talentless group of people must manage Soundcloud. Just look at this mess. And look at this:

People have been reporting this problem for over two years. Soundcloud has identified it as "solved."

This is what the creators of Soundcloud have done:

1. Released a very flawed product
2. Largely abandoned it
3. Totally abandoned all customer service, asking that users rely on the "Soundcloud Help Community."

What a pathetic disgrace.

The problem is not related to browsers, cache, cookies, repeated logins or anything else not encompassed by the actual inadequacy of Soundcloud and its staff. Or rather, if it is, it specifically indicates flaws in the design. Soundcloud will never provide a fix for the constant presence of the alerts indicator, or for the issue with re-posting. There is nobody present. Soundcloud's staff essentially announced in writing that it would be abandoning efforts at customer service. Then it proceeded to back away. That is the reason for which there are so many posts in the "Soundcloud Help Community" quite literally begging for a response from someone actually involved in the maintenance of Soundcloud.

Why do you think there's no actual, easy to locate "Contact Us" link?

Scroll through the posts regarding any error on Soundcloud, search for the word "annoying", and then try to find a reply from Soundcloud which actually addresses the annoyance.


Wait a minute.....maybe a bunch of us should get together and do podcasts about the problems with Soundcloud.....and then post the podcasts on Soundcloud...

Let me ask this question, just to gather a body of written reports: Are users of both the free and upgraded platforms experiencing this issue?
Yup.. No reply, no contact link. Soundcloud, baby!
Today is 11/06/2017. This is from well before today:
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Hi there,

Thanks for pointing this out. When you clear your browser cache, it can happen quite often that you're seeing repeat notifications. Same goes when you're using different devices. One thing you can do is go to - you might see a button on top that says "NaN" - clicking this button should clear the cache on our end for the repeat notifications to no longer appear.

@Triple Break Point - I would agree that the way this is set up is far from ideal. We've reported this to the relevant team, however cannot say when the way this part of our system works can be reviewed. I can relate personally, given I have my own artist account on SoundCloud and am sometimes seeing notification multiple times. As far as support goes, the community is a great way to get quick help by a large group of users who have a ton of knowledge about the platform. I'm moderating as much as I can, and forward the content I'm seeing on the subforums to the relevant product team to make sure they're aware which topics are discussed over here. Our Support team can be reached directly as well via the Contact Form on our Help Center.