Repost for Repost Spam

  • 19 June 2015
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I wrote this as a reply in another post already, but the soundcloud devs need to understand what exactly is so bad about the reposts in the stream in more detail, so I made this a seperate post.

The stream has become completely unusable to people who are passionate about a lot of music. Not allowing us to disable reposts in the stream should simply not be an option. The repost frenzy is not due to artists promoting other music they like, many many (very big ones as well) artists do a "repost for repost" thing. They repost each other's tracks temporarily to get each other more exposure. This results in the stream showing the same track like 5 times in a very short amount of time/space. My stream has become absolutely useless and at this point I only end up going on every individual artist's page to listen to music. To give you an idea how bad this actually is, I can look at any part of my stream and about 19/20 posts will be reposts. Right now, 19/20 posts are reposts. If the stream isn't fixed, I will leave soundcloud as soon as I see a good alternative.

1 reply

They re-post themselves over and over for a few more illegitimate plays, and perhaps that one person that didn't hear it the first time, at the expense of everyone else. Not a very smart business move, as you will be unfollowed. I like to listen to your song/mix once, if I want to hear it again, i'll save. I really do wish there was limit to reposting the same track on an individual account level, or even better 1 re-post per stream setting.

Its getting ridiculous.

This plugin help get things under control