• 24 February 2017
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Worst idea SC ever came up with :(
How can these be blocked? These days I am totally swamped with them and it's almost impossible to find new tracks

2 replies

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Hi there Foderol,

Reposts help you as a listener to share what you love with your peers, and artists to amplify their tracks to a wider audience. Sorry to hear that you're getting swamped with them. There's currently not an option to hide reposts, but I'd recommend to stop following a few users who seem to be reposting only.

Sorry for hijacking this thread...I have a similar -but more specific- request.
99% of the time my use for reposts from other users is to find new artists to suscribe to, nothing else.

There are unofficial ways to filter reposts altogether (Chrome extension), however I would like to filter out reposts on more specific criterias, for instance, automagically filter out reposts of tracks whom artists I am already suscribed to or have already listened to.

I guess I am out of luck ?